Chiron in the 9th House in Medical Astrology

or Chiron in Sagittarius

You are likely to seek out meaning and purpose throughout your life. This may be because part of you was wounded by particular teachings or beliefs that were part of your upbringing. You may have grown up in a household with strict religious or moral codes, or possibly it was language or cultural differences that were part of your early experience. These events may have wounded you, but they also laid the foundation for a deep interest in exploring a wider view of the world and universe. The key to your happiness may be found in developing an interest in meaningful spiritual concepts. This will probably involve opening your mind to new belief systems.

You are likely to ask yourself some big questions in your search for purpose and meaning. What inspires me? What is my purpose? What do I believe in? Yours is primarily a journey of spiritual healing. There could be a dramatic shift in your beliefs over the years, as you begin to incorporate different teachings into your life and come to rely more on your intuition. Keep an open mind.

You might become fascinated with the other cultures including eastern philosophies; indeed this could lead you to discover the key to inner wisdom and spiritual health. Developing new skills and returning to study may become a priority too. You may eventually become a teacher and/or offer spiritual guidance to others.

You will come to rely on the wisdom of your own unconscious and what it is saying. Over time you will begin to recognise more fully that we are all learning, that we are all students of life on a journey towards wholeness.

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