Horoscope Aquarius 1st Decanate

aquarius-horoscope-1A horse, which is an animal used to carry a person to a desired locality, has been used from ancient times as a symbol of mind. And to picture the Uranus-decanate of Aquarius the ancients placed the head of a horse – EQUULEUS – among the constellations.

Those born under this section of the sky tend to follow their own ideas. They are keenly interested in education and are exceptional in the fullness of their knowledge of human nature. In fact, aside from their inventive ability their greatest asset in life is in knowing how to handle men. And it is a great mistake for them to live apart from close contact with numerous of their fellow humans. The tendencies are decidedly progressive, alert for the new and unique. Consequently, their true mission in life is in imparting their enthusiasm for advanced methods and ideas to others.

Samuel Gompers, leader of the American Federation of Labor, was born with his Individuality here. James Coates, mesmerist and author of books on character-reading, was born when the Moon was in this decanate. And W. B. Yeats, poet, was born with his Personality polarized to this portion of the zodiac. It is the decanate of ORIGINALITY.

C. C. Zain

Agrippa’s Description of the Decan:

A prudent man, and a woman spinning; and the signification of these is in the thought and labour for gain, in poverty and baseness.

aquarius-15 of Swords – Defeat:

Contest finished and decided against the person; failure, defeat, anxiety, trouble, poverty, avarice, grieving after gain, laborious, unresting; loss and vileness of nature; malicious, slanderous, lying, spiteful and tale-bearing. A busybody and separator of friends, hating to see peace and love between others. Cruel, yet cowardly, thankless and unreliable. Clever and quick in thought and speech. Feelings of pity easily roused, but unenduring. … (Defeat, loss, malice, spite, slander, evil-speaking).

Number: 5
Card Title: Five of Swords
Esoteric Title: Lord of Defeat
Numerical Keywords: 5: Discipline, Clarification, Might
Numerical Attributions: Mars, Red, World, North
Intelligence: Radical Intelligence
Element: Air (hot, wet)
Elemental Keywords: Mind, Ideas, Cutting
Elemental Attributions: East, Spring, Sunrise
Astrological Attribution: Venus in Aquarius
Dates & Timing: January 20 to January 29
Qabalistic World: Geburah of Yetzirah
Translation of World: The Severity of Formation
Suit Color: Swords- Yellow

Keywords: Defeat, Loss, Failure, Anxiety, Greed, Shameless Opportunist.

Ill-Dignified:Vindication, Restoration

Interpretation: Short-lived victory. Contest is finished and decided against you. Beware of retaliation. You have a need to rebuild your reputation. Need to do damage control for gossip.

Reversed Interpretation: This card is an indication that some of your indecision about what direction you should go in is a concern about dealings with other people. Is there someone who has been deceitful to you? Or has bad talked you. The card is a good sign that that will be cleared up.

Alan Leo: This will bring a new cycle into the native’s life; it marks the beginning of a period when he will take more refined and humane views generally, and will endeavour to look at all things from a higher mental standpoint. He will have fresh experiences in connection with friends and acquaintances, and some new friendships will be formed that will play a very important part in his life history. He will now join groups of persons or associations of some kind, and will form attachments that will be idealistic in nature or of a mental character rather than in any way emotional or sensual. The directions operating will affect him mentally, and he will be very much inclined towards all things that are in the nature of reform, will begin to have humanitarian views, and will be drawn to “higher thought” subjects. He will DOW develop a faculty for reading character and judging human nature, and will be deeply interested in all occult studies, possessing the ability and having the opportunity to investigate those things which are connected with aspirations and hopes that are mental or spiritual rather than physical and material. The above description applies chiefly to the more adapt. able and progressed types of humanity. The very ordinary person will be only slightly affected by the mental influence and will respond merely to the tendency towards fixation, becoming pronounced in his views and tenacious of his rights and privileges, inclined to acquire or deal in land and property. In any case, however, :the native ‘will now meet with persons who will become his friends whether for good or ill i and hence he cannot be too careful with regard to the acquaintances whom he cultivates while under this influence.

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