Horoscope Aquarius 2nd Decanate

aquarius-horoscope-2The Flying Horse – PEGASUS – pictures among the constellations the Mercury-decanate of Aquarius. The wings pictured upon the symbol of mind indicate the ability to leave the material body and travel in the super-physical world in the astral form. This may take place volitionally, or quite unconsciously so far as the objective mind is concerned, during sleep. And those who can bring through into the objective state the information so contacted have a never-ending supply of interesting material that they often are able to present in a fascinating manner.

People under this decanate possess naturally the ability to gain information from invisible sources. Consequently, they have unlimited resourcefulness in imaginative creation. And they are able to present their conceptions in a most dramatic manner. So, by all means, they should follow some occupation where the mind has power to exert itself. And when not inclined to literature they should read much and learn to express their thoughts in conversation. They convey their ideas to others in a most convincing manner, and through this faculty lies their greatest good, both to themselves and to humanity.

Charles Dickens, the famous novelist, was born with his Individuality here. H. Rider Haggard, another famous novelist, had his Moon in this decanate. And Robert Louis Stevenson, still another wonderful writer of romance, had this section of the zodiac on the Ascendant at his birth. It is the decanate of INSPIRATION.

C. C. Zain

Agrippa’s Description of the Decan:

A man with a long beard; and the signification of this belongeth to the understanding, meeknes, modesty, liberty and good maners.

aquarius-26 of Swords – Earned Success:

Success after anxiety and trouble; self-esteem, beauty, conceit, but sometimes modesty therewith; dominance, patience, labour, etc. … (Labour, work, journey by water).

Number: 6
Card Title: Six of Swords
Esoteric Title: Lord of Earned Success
Numerical Keywords: 6: Harmony, Pleasure, Perfection
Numerical Attributions: Sun, Yellow, World, East
Intelligence: Mediating Intelligence
Element: Air (hot, wet)
Elemental Keywords: Mind, Ideas, Cutting
Elemental Attributions: East, Spring, Sunrise
Astrological Attribution: Mercury in Aquarius
Dates & Timing: January 30 to February 8
Qabalistic World: Tipareth of Yetzirah
Translation of World: The Beauty of Formation
Suit Color: Swords- Yellow

Keywords: Help, Labor, Messenger, Love Proposal, End of Worries, Flight.

Ill-Dignified:Heading for trouble, delay, no help, out of control, wasted efforts.

Interpretation: Your destiny is under your control. Success after anxiety. A journey by water. Any transition or passage. Concerned with the well beings of others. Can see your goals and they are reachable. Your survival and success require energy, patience, clarity. Concern about the past or future.

Reversed Interpretation: Out of the frying pan an into the fire. Danger in journey by water. Are you ignoring the logical solution?

Alan Leo: This will cause the native to take a deeper interest in all intellectual pursuits. He will become very refined, and will develop literary tastes, and, if he has the natural ability, he will now write or engage in correspondence-in fact, exercise the mind in many ways, to his great advantage. He will find friends among kindred or relatives who will help him, and attachments now formed are likely to be of a very refined and advanced type. He will, :moreover, take some journeys while under-this influence, probably in the interests of some society or brotherhood. He will find his mind now becoming much more active, and will live in the mental side of his nature much more than the physical, so that the good aspects to Mercury under these directions will be accentuated. To those who are very advanced, this progressed ascendant will bring a desire to express their principles in detail, and to systematise plans for the benefit of the many.

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