Horoscope Jupiter in Taurus

taurus-jupiterOpportunity and security are one in your mind. You wilt not see those openings that require taking a chance. This frequently accompanies a sheltered life which has always had security, doesn’t have to exert itself much for material necessities, and consequently doesn’t react much at all to material opportunity. In a life less sheltered, it still limits the capacity for material success by limiting daring, but at the same time it tends to insure against want and privation. You have no flair for gambling or following new money-making ideas. Having inherited or having achieved security, you seek things that are not material and can let your energies flow freely in personal and cultural channels where you are likely to find your main interests. You’re likely to seem the least materialistic of mortals because you take material comforts for granted, secure them, and then are able to forget them.

Grant Lewi

Jupiter-Taurus: fortune-form, safety, land, estate owner, business, bank, money, art collection, memorial, feast

Material comfort, security, and well-being are quite important to you, and you are not one to have your head in the clouds when financial matters and future security are at stake. Your strengths are practicality, a love of the earth, and the ability to take great delight in the sensual pleasures of the natural world. Also, when you feel secure financially, you are likely to be very generous and hospitable.

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