Horoscope Jupiter in Virgo

virgo-jupiterThis position enables you to find opportunity in small beginnings, to take infinite pains with the little things that underlie success, and to plug along at a hopeless cause until – lo and behold! – it amounts to something. The effect you give is of care, caution, and routine perfection of details; and because of this, you are often able to win support from financial interests who value these traits and consider them good credit reference. You will generally be able to get backing for your business; you believe in putting all your eggs in one basket and watching the basket, with the result that you frequently hatch quite a brood. Spectacular or risky ventures don’t appeal to you. If this position limits the imagination somewhat, it is also likely to get you farther in the long run than the dashing fellow who has been through several fortunes, or jobs, while you have studiously been cultivating your own garden and raising a fine crop of security and possessions.

Grant Lewi

Jupiter-Virgo: fortune-analysis, order, purity, ethic, cure, healing, university, library, education, details, result

Your ability to think things through clearly, and to analyze and understand the smallest details of any plan, is highly developed. You have a modest nature and are more concerned with the success of your project or work than with personal aggrandizement. You enjoy working and are happiest when you are being productive and using your time efficiently.

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