Horoscope Leo 2nd Decanate

leo-horoscope-2In the second, or Jupiter, decanate of Leo the inherent quality of dominant control characteristic of Leo is modified by the subinfluence of the sign of the higher mind, Sagittarius. The philosophical and religious elements are more in evidence, and those born here readily recognize the prevalent weaknesses both in current politics and in current religion. And what is more important, they have the courage of their convictions and the power to gain followers for their own progressive ideas.

To picture the ruthless onslaughts with which these people attack both persons and policies that seek to ravage society, CENTAURUS, a being having the lower parts of a horse and the upper parts of a man, is represented among the constellations as impaling on the end of his spear the wolf that pictures the last decanate of Libra. This wolf symbolizes those who use the brilliancy of their intellects to suppress truth and to foist ignorance and superstition upon society that they may profit by its exploitation. As those born in this middle decanate of Leo have the power to convince and lead others, it behooves them to put forth every effort to gain the truth, and to take great care that they do not disseminate erroneous notions.

iVladam H. P. Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society, was born with her Individuality here. Mr. J. Malcolmn Mitchel, secretary of the Men’s League for Women’s Suffrage, had his Moon in this decanate. And Martin Luther, founder of the Protestant Religion, was born with his Personality polarized to this section of the sky. It is the decanate of REFORMATION.

C. C. Zain

Agrippa’s Description of the Decan:

With hands lifted up, and a man on whose head is a Crown; he hath the appearance of an angry man, and one that threatneth, having in his right hand a Sword drawn out of the scabbard, & in his left a buckler; it hath signification upon hidden contentions, and unknown victories, & upon base men, and upon the occasions of quarrels and battels.

leo-26 of Wands – Victory:

Victory after strife: Love: pleasure gained by labour: carefulness, sociability and avoiding of strife, yet victory therein: also insolence, and pride of riches and success, etc. The whole dependent on the dignity.

Number: 6
Card Title: Six of Wands
Esoteric Title: Lord of Victory
Numerical Keywords: 6: Harmony, Pleasure, Perfection
Numerical Attributions: Sun, Yellow, World, East
Intelligence: Mediating Intelligence
Element: Fire (hot, dry)
Elemental Keywords: Energy, Action, Inception
Elemental Attributions: South, Summer, Noon
Astrological Attribution: Jupiter in Leo
Dates & Timing: August 2 to August 11
Qabalistic World: Tipareth in Atziluth
Translation of World: The Beauty of Nobility
Suit Color: Wands-Red

Keywords: social acceptance, teamwork, winning, success, hopes and desires filled.

Ill-Dignified:disillusionment, backstabbing, overbearing pride, opponent wins.

Interpretation: Getting credit and validation for work. Community building. Legitimized effort.

Reversed Interpretation: Results not positive or are delayed. Watch your back. Delay or Defeat. Situation can be turned around with hard work.

Alan Leo: This is a fortunate and a more progressive portion of the sign, and it gives many opportunities to expand the Leo characteristics. I t will bring a far more philosophical and religious frame of mind, and cause the native to have more respect for law and order, bringing out the internal harmony of Leo through a philosophical attitude of mind. He will probably take a long journey or travel, and will also come into touch with some phase of higher thought and take some interest in those things that relate to the subjective world. To those who are undeveloped this progressed ascendant will bring a gambling spirit, and a desire to follow speculative or risky ventures. To those able to take advantage of it in the proper manner it means a fortune by speculation; but the whole of the U directions” must be fortunate to bring about this result. To the fully progressive this decanate will awaken the power to prophesy, or to give vent to very prophetic utterances. While under this influence, the native will have some remarkably vivid dreams and should note them, for they will have some special meaning. It will be a period when the higher mind will act and the intuitions be keener than usual.

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