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Your social urges are powerful – sometimes too powerful for your own good. You are emotionally impressionable-your energies flow out to others and carom back to you with the added magnetism of other people, good or bad. You are sensitive to what you call love, and one way or another will have a lot of it in your life. You seem to sense instinctively that you are too impressionable, and in an effort to seem more independent than you are, will quarrel unnecessarily with those who impress you most forcibly – it is your defense against succumbing to them utterly. You must string for true cooperativeness of spirit, instead of being alternately as meek as a lamb and as mad as a hornet. Your energies and your emotions are always working together or against each other: your emotions express energetically and physically, and your energies run wild through emotional channels. You require detachment of spirit, objectivity of approach to other people, and moderation in the social and love instincts which tend to run away with you, upset your life and destroy your peace. Learn to accept other people more easily, to achieve true union with others and to fight down all extremes of human relations. Enmity and anger disturb the ego centers in you more than in most people; to be your best self requires harmony, and to achieve true harmony, you must learn that living with others is a two-way business and is not helped either by complete self-surrender or complete self-assertion.

Grant Lewi

You seesaw between being too pushy, confrontational, and insistent on doing things your way, and being too eager to please, without a clear, definite goal of your own. You strive for a balance between acting independently and assertively – and working cooperatively and interdependently with others. You may feel frustrated at times that you cannot simply do what YOU want to, that you must always accommodate the needs and desires of others. Or you may feel hesitant to act in a positive, assertive manner if you do not have the support and approval of other people. Either way, you are not a loner. You achieve your goals by collaborating and joining forces with others, by being a team player. You are very concerned with the concept of fairness and become quite indignant and vocal if you sense someone is being taken advantage of. You avoid extremism and favor a balanced, moderate approach to living. You are unlikely to push yourself too hard or to become fanatically driven to reach your goals.

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