Horoscope Mercury in 10th House

mercury-10MERCURY IN THE TENTH HOUSE will keep your mind exercised in matters to do with employments or position in life. It gives you an ambitious and somewhat restless mind but inclines towards literature or Mercurial pursuits. It is good for commercial affairs, also tor recogmtion from those who have influence in the literary world. You should gain through commission work, agencies and such details as come under the influence of Mercury. It increases diplomacy and ambition and gives success in government employments, such as the civil service. You may rise in life through your mental abilities, but do not become over -anxious.

Alan Leo

You think a great deal about your career, your reputation and public image, and the way you make a contribution or impact on the world at large. Public speaking or communications of some other kind is likely to be an important aspect of the work you do.

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