Horoscope Mercury in 4th House

mercury-4MERCURY IN The FOURTH HOUSE of your nativity will considerably modify this planet’s general influence. I t will bring many changes, especially in business, and you may frequently change your place of residence. You would do better by travelling than by settling down. This position will bring you in touch with occultism or bring you work in connection with the occult. It will be well to be careful of what you read as the mind acts on the body very quickly in your case. You should love the water, and your mind would expand while travelling. You can improve your mental powers by constancy and concentration.

Alan Leo

You have an introspective turn of mind and may enjoy keeping a journal or a record of your dreams and personal experiences, or learning about psychology, history, and the inner workings and emotional foundations of your own life. You are studious and something of a bookworm.

Kepler Natal Report

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