Horoscope Mercury in 6th House

mercury-6MERCURY IN THE SIXTH HOUSE favors the study of hygiene and medicine. It warns you against over-study or over-worry as this would affect your health. If you worry you will have many petty annoyances, and this will give a tendency to acute nervous troubles or dyspepsia. You may have much trouble through inferiors at times when Mercury is afflicted. You have some capacity for occultism, but fame should never be sought, and all should be done unnoticed or you might become unpopular. You should be content to engage your mind in comparatively obscure and unknown subjects. This position gives great danger of loss through servants or inferiors at some time of life.

Alan Leo

You use your mind to organize, classify, and bring order to your environment. You are interested in the refinement of your technical skills and abilities and are a stickler for details. Organizational and secretarial skills, training others in your area of expertise, or work involving teaching and communications are highly probable for you.

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