Horoscope Mercury in 7th House

mercury-7MERCURY IN THE SEVENTH HOUSE will tend to keep your o mind exercised on matters pertaining to partnerships, marriage and things concerning others more than yourself. Be careful to avoid wrangling or disputes, or you may find yourself involved 10 much disputation and may be drawn into litigation over what may appear to be trifles. This position is not good for argument as your opponents would probably be too strong for you. It threatens loss and brings worries and anxieties, and if you allow yourself to be imposed upon you may suffer from vexation. Your partners would be clever and quick-witted, but sharper than yourself.

Alan Leo

You are often involved in verbal exchanges, interviewing, discussing, debating, counseling, negotiating, getting and giving feedback, and sharing information. You are drawn to intelligent and verbal people, with whom you can communicate and from whom you can learn. You love to have an audience to hear your ideas, and you also appreciate eloquent presentations by others.

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