Horoscope Mercury in 8th House

mercury-8MERCURY IN THE EIGHTH HOUSE will make your mind more positive and it will be difficult for you to be convinced against your will. It inclines your mind to mysticism and occultism, and there is a tendency to look below the surface for the cause of things. It gives you an enquiring mind, making you at times anxious regarding the solvings of problems, and concerned as to a future life, until the truth is known concerning the after-death state. Your mind is likely to be overanxious in this position and your ingenuity and resourcefulness increased, Do not wear yourself out by over mental activity, anxiety or worry.

Alan Leo

The mysterious and the unknown fascinate you and you may investigate the supernatural or something that is hidden or taboo. You need to know what is going on behind the scenes. You are also deeply curious about or astute about economic, political, or social power, big business, and the motives and powers behind the social facade.

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