Horoscope Mercury in 9th House

mercury-9This position will give you . a splendid mind for science or philosophy, and discrimination in regard to religion. It will help you in literary pursuits and give you a general all-round knowledge of many subjects j your mind will always be active and fond of knowledge. You would do well abroad or by taking long journey”. You will succeed much better if you practise concentration and do not allow your thoughts to wander, or take up too many subjects at a time. You have the ability to study astrology. occultism, and all subjects of a metaphysical nature.

Alan Leo

You have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and wisdom and for an ever broadening understanding of life. You are the perpetual student and will be involved in higher education, philosophy, or religion. Law, broadcasting, publishing, or the field of communications are also areas that interest you. World travel and studying other cultures are also strong urges of yours.

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