Horoscope Mercury in First House

mercury-1This will accentuate the mental characteristics, making you quick witted, sharp and keen, gifted in writing and in speaking, quick at retort and repartee, and also liable to a little exaggeration at times, and to some sarcasm. It will make you mentally enthusiastic, and when you are under the influence of much feeling, you will be rather excitable. You are clever and possess a subtle wit, and an excellent power of adaptability to circumstances; but you should avoid restlessness and inquisitiveness, and exercise control over your thoughts. This influence will tend to make you a prolific writer, ,vith a very fertile mind that is quite original and inventive.

Alan Leo

You are quite verbal and communicative and eager to get your own ideas and opinions across to others. You say what is on your mind. Others see you as a lively, intelligent person, and perhaps something of a chatterbox at times.

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