Horoscope Moon in 12th House

moon-in-12Your own feelings and emotions are something of an enigma to you, and it is often difficult for you to share with others what you are feeling.

You frequently withdraw from contact with the world, and need a healing, peaceful environment in order to blossom and come out of yourself.

You identify with the oppressed, disenfranchised or underdog in any situation and want to help them or care for them in some way.

Kepler Natal Report

THE MOON IN THE TWELFTH HOUSE at the time of your birth will bring many secret affairs into your life, inclining you towards mediumship and psychic phenomena. You will be drawn into romance, or be very strongly influenced by it, and all that is weird and mystical will possess fascination for you. Be always guarded against false accusation and treachery, or anything that may cause you to run the risk of losing your liberty, for you will make some enemies during the course of your life. You will make some long voyages when directions indicate or favour them. It is not a favourable position for the Moon, except for things ‘that do not give prominence to your personality.

Alan Leo

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