Horoscope Moon in 2nd House


You are likely to be a great collector of things – a real pack rat in fact – for your belongings give you a sense of security and continuity with the past, which is important to you. Antiques or things with sentimental value from your past are especially dear to you.

You may also cling rather tightly to both money and possessions, keeping them “in the family” rather than sharing freely with those outside of your immediate circle.

Kepler Natal Report

THE MOON IN THE SECOND HOUSE of your horoscope will cause finance to fluctuate. Success in life will come through dealing in public commodities, or in connection with liquids, or concerns where there is a quick and rapid turnover. It generally indicates receptivity where money is concerned, and the public mind is generally felt in regard to financial movements. All matters public or commercial should be attractive to you; and you are fitted to hold public office. It promises success through travel, but your fortunes are liable to many changes; therefore your efforts should be directed to a fluctuating business or a profession in which water or movement plays a prominent part. Your mind is ingenious, active, and full of imagination or romance.

Alan Leo

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