Horoscope Moon in Aries


You are best satisfied by a picture of yourself as an independent thinker, a mental force, a person of intellectual or physical daring and courage. The truth is important to you – the truth, that is, as you see it individualistically, which may or may not bear a relation to proven facts. Your message to yourself is: Be strong, be forceful, be independent, be brave; and so powerful is this lunar position that you are likely to become these things in some degree even if your Sun sign tries to make you a Caspar Milquetoast. The meek and mild gentleman with the bar of steel inside him very likely has Moon in Aries; likewise the sweet lady who looks as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth and nevertheless rules her husband ruthlessly. This is one of the positions in which the Moon can be strong enough to take the dominance of the nature away from the Sun and cause you actually to become in the outer world what you imagine yourself to be. You may do this slowly, with quiet firmness, or swiftly, with bluster and braggadocio. You think well of yourself, and any trend to inferiority feeling indicated elsewhere in the horoscope is more than likely to meet its match here. This is a weak position only if the Sun is in Libra, in which case the dictates of the Sun must be followed and the lunar instincts ignored. In any case, the studious development of mental powers, through formal education and a willingness to use your mind power to rule yourself rather than to rule others, is essential to your success and happiness.

Moon-Aries: impulsive, tensed, capable, self-sacrificing, stubborn, moody, fighting, instinctive, nervous, coarse, courageous

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