Horoscope Moon in Cancer


You take yourself very seriously, as a person to be reckoned with. You feel that you understand others and that you deserve to be understood yourself; yet you frequently feel misunderstood. Things are very clear to you; your intuitions are powerful, and whether right or wrong, they convince you utterly and are likely to control your actions. Sometimes your hunches are away off the track, especially if emotions are involved. You regard your inner nature as something precious, to be guarded from the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” and are all too likely to think the slings and arrows are aimed at you when no one else in the world is thinking about you. You exude a desire to be understood, to be loved – also, to understand, and to love, if you have objectified your approach, which you must do if you are to be happy or successful. Your tendency is to withdraw, to meditate, and meditation often turns to brooding, brooding to depression. Activate your sympathies by becoming interested in others. Deserve their understanding by acting so that they can understand with approval. Forget yourself, your emotions, your reactions; harness your instincts to other people’s problems or to creative work in business, science or the arts. To use, to become, to prove, to love must replace in your nature the deep tendency to be content with to have, to be, to know, to expect. No doors are closed to you when you have turned your understanding outward to the world – and no doors are open to you when you turn it exclusively inward. Know your self first, through pain and struggle if necessary, and once you know it, don’t brood about it; get to know something else.

Moon-Cancer: sensitive, moodily, domestic, familiar, peacefully, passively, instinctive, readily, sociably, patient, considerate

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