Horoscope Moon in Capricorn


You conceive yourself as a practical, hardheaded individual who can compete successfully with the world on its own terms and who finds therein his deepest satisfaction and greatest success. The game itself, rather than the stakes, interests you; you aren’t likely to be grasping of money, but you will fasten onto all the power in sight. The security of your soul lies in authority. As a result your chances of success are great, because you don’t have to do any play-acting in looking for it: the contest is the very breath of your spirit. Some of the greatest leaders of the world have Moon in Capricorn, and owe their success to the image of success that always plays on their mind. Sad are the cases of Moon in Capricorn who get the image inverted: whose great inner need is no less for success, but who feel themselves frustrated and incapable ever of achieving it, and who in consequence become bitter and hard in failure. The free flow of your intuitions, if you don’t try too hard, will carry you where you want to go. Your instinct may not be for kindness, charity, fellowship, love, but in your depths you won’t miss these when you command authority and respect. Dare to be yourself, to seek what you want by the means that are required, even if being true to yourself means being false to softer things required by softer people. You are cast for a certain role and must play in character if you are to get yourself over the footlights. You can’t sway the audience by acting another part: they spot phoniness quickly. But they will recognize the power of your true role when you play it truly. And, as you must never forget, to win recognition as an important and powerful person is the deep desire of your heart.

Moon-Capricorn: serious, conscientious, lonely, worried, shyly, abstemiously, soberly, slowly, faithfully, distancely, narrow

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