Horoscope Moon in First House


You have a soft exterior and tend to relate very personally and sympathetically to other people. However, you sometimes let your emotions overpower your reasoning and logic, and consequently you are sometimes biased in your opinions. You are impressionable and rather gentle, or at least that is the way you appear. Your feelings are on the surface and you can not hide your emotions.

Kepler Natal Report

THE MOON IN THE ASCENDANT at your birth shows a love of fame, activity and change. You will seek to be at the head of things mentally, or take a prominent part in all that concerns you. It makes you very ambitious, aspiring, and also ingenious, fond of planning and taking up original and novel ventures. It gives you an imaginative brain, loving change, novelty and adventure. This position brings popularity, but also opposition and liability to scandal through and from inferiors and the public. It will bring you into some fame, or public recognition through your own merit or ability. You will do well with common things, such as noveities and public commodities, or those things that appeal to the public taste and fancy.

Alan Leo

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