Horoscope Moon in Taurus


Your image of yourself is flattering not because of any special quality you select so much as because you just think well of yourself. This can make for smugness, conceit and laziness; and it always warns you not to take too seriously what you tell yourself, but to keep your eye on what other people think of you. Follow your Sun nature energetically or you will be lost in relaxation and uselessness. You have such a good time being pleased with life! You need to stimulate yourself consciously, for you are not a self starter. You’re likely to be popular because, demanding little of yourself, you also demand little of others and are the most agreeable of companions. You are not likely to be ardent in human relations; you take what comes, especially if it isn’t too much trouble. Your assumption that you have the good things of life coming to you generally is carried out in the facts; you seem to make your picture of yourself as a luxurious creature come true in material affairs. When you have learned to follow aggressively your solar urges, when you are determined to be before the world the best that your Sun sign has to offer, you go far. You then turn self-satisfaction into active self confidence, and you can have the world at your feet. The danger is that, sensing this, you won’t ever do anything about it, will remain content in knowing you could if you would, and thus never be anything but a gracious, affable and charming person. And, of course, that’s not to be sneezed at.

Moon-Taurus: sensuous, domestic, comfortable, appreciative, moody, helpful, loyal, good-natured, romantic, sensitive

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