Horoscope Neptune in Aquarius

aquarius-neptuneNeptune’s entrance into Aquarius brings deep interest in humanitarian causes. There is a tendency to messianic feelings of social and economic reconstruction, perhaps an inclination toward dubious methods of accomplishing worthwhile goals (an “ends justify the means” attitude). There will be a challenge to understand your true friends apart from manipulative and deceptive acquaintances. Watch yourself that you choose your friends carefully and plan around what you know to be ethically compromising situations. Creative originality will experience a heyday during Neptune’s transit of Aquarius. On the personal level, eccentricity will accompany a dynamic of breakthroughs. Your private life will take on new significance. Neptune in Aquarius asks that we confront dangers more directly. The question will be, Are we ready for the reality of a greater human fraternity? Vision will need the ballast of compassion. We will not be able to afford hating those with whom we disagree.

Grant Lewi

Neptune-Aquarius: dissolution-freedom, vision, utopia, ship, ebb, flood, wandering life, hippie, fashion, drug, deceit, metaphysics

You are part of a 14 year group of people that are progressive and broad-minded in religious philosophy and spiritual attitude. You are not a mystical bunch, but you are not skeptics or cynics of mysticism either. However, you generally do not follow a religious philosophy unless it appeals to your sense of logic and reason. The more ancient and intuitively based religions are of little interest to your age group, and religions undergo much “modernizing” during your lifetime.

Your generation blurs the distinction between science and mysticism; your scientific discoveries are carried on with a spirit of awe and wonder, and the discoveries that are made only serve to increase that sense of awe and wonder. The dry, academic approach to science fades out during your generation.

Science fiction is also popular with your age group. Also popular are abstract artistic styles, which reflect your progressive imagination.

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