Horoscope Neptune in Libra

libra-neptuneThis position of Neptune brought reaction from the depression and dictator years, launched the world on its new era. The children born under this position will have a broad and idealistic outlook on the world. They will take for granted a kind of cooperative enterprise that may be novel to their elders; and will express themselves naturally, in word and deed, in ways that may seem cloud-treading and too idealistic to the more earth-bound. A conviction that individuality is best served by self-respecting alignment with others pervades their thinking and governs their lives; and this conviction is more than something reasoned out logically, for it is drawn from the deep wells of instinct and intuition, below the level of consciousness. In the social world Neptune in Libra gives grace, charm and noblesse oblige: the sense of obligation and responsibility attaching to nobility of spirit. It makes its natives gentle, affectionate, idealistic, artistic; it enhances any creative gifts; and makes one a lover of peace, harmony, and personal progress through cooperative as well as individual endeavor.

Grant Lewi

Neptune-Libra: dissolution-harmony, erotic-spiritually dedication, romanticism, reality flight, art, fashion, game, cosmetics

You are part of a 14 year group of people who have a very idealistic sense of brotherhood and universal cooperation, which, among other things, fostered the peace and freedom movement. Your age group is also interested in the spiritual philosophy and ideals of other cultures, and is not at all dogmatic in its approach to religion. You incorporate the approaches of other religions. Your age group tends to have an eclectic approach to religion, utilizing elements from many religious perspectives (e.g. Eastern and Western), and finds it difficult to follow traditionally defined religious practices.

A gullibility and an unwillingness to be decisive and judgmental inclines your age group to be easily deceived, and consequently many of the well-intended ideals and goals are frustrated by a lack of clear purpose and direction.

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