Horoscope Neptune in Virgo

virgo-neptuneThis position of Neptune brought the depression and the beginnings of a New Age. Those born under it will come to maturity with a new slant on social and political matters, a new assurance of the dignity of work, a new consecration to humanity and to service. Your deepest wells of consciousness understand these things, and throughout your life unselfishness will be the keynote of your best expression. To learn early that the ego is of only secondary importance is to give yourself your surest foundation for happiness and success. You work best, you play best, you love best when your mind isn’t on yourself. Learn the value of work for its own sake and you give yourself the best key to contentment.

Awareness of big social, collective, political, economic forces, and identification of yourself with them, enables you to get the detached view of the world and yourself which will encourage you to draw on the deep and abiding strength within yourself and use it to gain the peace of mind and happiness you need.

Grant Lewi

Neptune-Virgo: dissolution-analysis, natural order, cleaning, cure, healing, medical and social service, synthesis

You are part of a 14 year group of people who are conservative and moderate in spiritual aspirations. Your age group tends to avoid speculation on metaphysical matters, and interest in psychic phenomena is considered very strange and weird by your age group. There is also a strong sense of right and wrong, and religious practices tend to emphasize ethics and moral judgment. The conservative, straight-laced atmosphere generated by your age group is frustrating to more imaginative types, who consequently rebelled against it.

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