Horoscope Pisces 2nd Decanate

pisces-horoscope-2The second decanate of Pisces is pictured among the constellations by ANDROMEDA – the Princess chained to the rock for the sea – monster to devour. It symbolizes the earthbound condition of the human soul that passes to the spirit side of life obsessed with the desire for material reincarnation. It also represents those noblest of all mankind who suffer persecution and imprisonment that the rest of humanity may prosper.

The lives of persons born under this section of the sky are usually filled with restrictions and limitations. Often these conditions are assumed voluntarily as the price enacted by the world for the sake of assisting in its progress. When living at their best they are readily impressed by those on the spirit side of life, and are often chosen to carry out some important mission on earth. They grasp more readily than others the true meaning of universal brotherhood, and they get the most out of life through alleviating the physical and mental suffering of their fellow-man.

Nicholas Copernicus, who was largely responsible for the adoption of the present system of astronomy, and suffered for his apparent heresy, was born with the Sun here. Charubel, author of “Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized,” a seer and worker in behalf of the esoteric wisdom, had his Mentality in this decanate. And T. H. Burgoyne, author of “Light of Egypt,” and adept in the highest sense of the word, who suffered persecution for his views, was born with this part of the zodiac on the Ascendant. It is the decanate of SELF-SACRIFICE.

C. C. Zain

Agrippa’s Description of the Decan:

A woman of a good countenance, and well adorned; and the signification is to desire and put ones self on about high and great matters.

pisces-29 of Cups – Material Happiness:

Complete and perfect realization of pleasure and happiness, almost perfect; self-praise, vanity, conceit, much talking of self, yet kind and lovable, and may be self-denying therewith. High-minded, not easily satisfied with small and limited ideas. Apt to be maligned through too much self-assumption. A good and generous, but sometimes foolish nature. … (Complete success, pleasure and happiness, wishes fulfilled).

Number: 9
Card Title: Nine of Cups
Esoteric Title: Lord of Material Happiness
Numerical Keywords: 9: Fruition, Cycles, Results
Numerical Attributions: Moon, Violet, World, West
Intelligence: Purifying Intelligence
Element: Water (cold, wet)
Elemental Keywords: Love, Container, Emotions
Elemental Attributions: West, Fall, Twilight
Astrological Attribution: Jupiter in Pisces
Dates & Timing: March 1 to March 10
Qabalistic World: Yesod in Briah
Translation of World: The Foundation of Creation
Suit Color: Cups – Blue

Keywords: Loyalty, Liberty, Success in Everything, Completion, Emotional Happiness, Joy, Material Contentment, Contentment.

Ill-Dignified:Hoping, Waiting, Wish Delayed, Conceited, Vain

Interpretation: Avoid worry by concentrating on ordinary pleasures, treat yourself. Wish Card. A dream come true. Joy depends on how a person uses their wishes.

Reversed Interpretation: Be sure you know what you want before you wish for it. Lack of material goods and money. Over indulgence in food and drink. Short term deprivation and illness. Unrealistic view of dreams and goals.

Alan Leo: This will make the native more than usually sensitive, and very sympathetic. He will now experience some domestic troubles and will feel very keenly home affairs, which will affect the life greatly. Under this progressed ascendant he will form some romantic attachment, yet will tenaciously hold on to any engagement that he may have previously entered into. He will experience many strange events affecting the emotional side of the nature; for the personal feelings will be very keen, and may in fact tend to become hyper-sensitive. It is not a good period on the whole, but some advantages may be gained in connection with psychic affairs. The native will be rather too mediumistic or receptive to the influence of others, the effects of which he will feel very keenly; hence he should endeavour to create a more independent spirit and cultivate more self-reliance. For he will certainly need it when the directions are evil.

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