Horoscope Pluto in Sagittarius


You are part of a 12 year group of people who have a strong need to feel free and unfettered. As a group, you are inclined to grandiose plans and you have a great zeal for exploring new opportunities and possibilities. Your age group has lots of zest and enthusiasm and a very enterprising attitude. Religious fanatics and philosophical “nuts” are also commonplace in your age group and many of them are highly successful in influencing others and gaining followers.

Your generation has a deeply rooted sense of the vastness of life and the infinite possibilities that await. Your age group conjures up grand visions for the future and you draw up great schemes and plans. Exploration and travel hold great fascination for your age group, and you are eager to see the next horizon. The next time this astrological influence occurs is in the late 20th century and early 21st century, and these people will forge ahead with tremendous zeal in exploring outer space, and will strive to bring much that seemed like science fiction to become actual fact

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