Horoscope Sagittarius 2nd Decanate

sagittarius-horoscope-2The Eagle – AQUILA – symbol of transmuted sex, and the power of the higher mind to make lofty flights through the rare atmosphere of the spiritual world, pictures among the constellations the Aries-decanate of Sagittarius.

The migratory instincts of Sagittarius are given a trend toward pioneering. Consequently, we find people born here to be unusually successful in searching out new fields of endeavor, physical, mental, and spiritual. They are usually restless. Their minds are constantly alert for new facts. And in order that they shall not become discontented it is very essential that they have at all times some definite work to accomplish, and that this work is of a nature to be well worth their best efforts. Confinement and restrictions are most depressing to these people, and if forced to be idle or to follow some uncongenial occupation they become rebellious and hypercritical. They require some task of importance to call out their wonderful executive ability.

Alfred de Musset, whose searching mind grasped the merits of both the classic and the romantic schools and welded them into a system of his own, becoming famous as a poet, playwright, and novelist, was born when the Sun was here. Alice Le Plongeon, author, and co-worker with her husband in his explorations among the ruins of Yucatan, was born with her Mentality under this decanate. And Dr. Sven Hedin, the great geographical explorer, had this section of the zodiac on his Ascendant. It is the decanate of EXPLORATION.

C. C. Zain

Agrippa’s Description of the Decan:

A woman weeping, and covered with cloathes; the operation of this is for sadness and fear of his own body.

sagittarius-29 of Wands – Great Strength:

Tremendous and steady force that cannot be shaken. Herculean strength, yet sometimes scientifically applied. Great success, but with strife and energy. Victory, preceded by apprehension and fear. Health good, and recovery not in doubt. Generous, questioning and curious; fond of external appearances: intractable, obstinate. … (Strength, power, health, recovery from sickness).

Number: 9
Card Title: Nine of Wands
Esoteric Title: Lord of Great Strength
Numerical Keywords: 9: Fruition, Cycles, Results
Numerical Attributions: Moon, Violet, World, West
Intelligence: Purifying Intelligence
Element: Fire (hot, dry)
Elemental Keywords: Energy, Action, Inception
Elemental Attributions: South, Summer, Noon
Astrological Attribution: Moon in Sagittarius
Dates & Timing: December 3 to December 12
Qabalistic World: Yesod in Atziluth
Translation of World: The Foundation of Nobility
Suit Color: Wands-Red

Keywords: Great Strength, Power, Health, Discipline, Delay, Anticipation

Ill-Dignified:Unprepared, Scattered, Ill Health, Weakness of Character

Interpretation: Watch and Wait. Completion and final conflict. Having gained great experience and expertise from trial and tribulation.

Reversed Interpretation: May impulsively jump in to a situation. Fearing attack in safe circumstances.

Alan Leo: This will bring a somewhat independent and impulsive attitude of mind, so that the native will now incline to act rashly and without sufficient forethought i and if he is not careful he will suffer through carelessness or lack of caution: he will be assertive and inclined to act from self-will, displaying too much forcefulness. He will, however, do much to push himself forward and will take the lead in whatever he attempts i in fact he will not be satisfied now unless he is at the head of things, and if the current directions are good he will improve his general conditions by his own inherent force and energy. He will now be very liable to go to extremes and act in a manner that may cause him regret later on i therefore he should endeavour to avoid impulse and to act as discreetly and cautiously as possible. The mind and intellect of the native will be keen and bright, but he will not have sufficient self-control to avoid danger, and he is therefore liable to accidents.

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