Horoscope Sagittarius 3rd Decanate

sagittarius-horoscope-3The third decanate of Sagittarius, the Leo-decanate, is pictured among the constellations by SAGITTA – the Arrow. This is the arrow that Mithra shot against a rock and a stream of water immediately gushed forth. It symbolized the soul piercing the illusions of matter and through this comprehension of the meaning of incarnate existence being able to quench its thirst at the fountain of Divine Consciousness.

Those born under this decanate may either tread the path of pleasure, or climb the royal road to spiritual supremacy. Being the kingly section of the sign of the higher mind, when the sporting proclivities relating to the fifth sign’s influence are transmuted, they have not only the ability to perceive things in their proper relation, but also to synthesize their observations and impart this knowledge to others. They, therefore, reach their greatest usefulness as teachers and leaders of philosophical and religious thought. And when faithful to their ideals and persistent in adhering to their own conceptions they reach the highest states of consciousness possible to embodied man.

C. C. Zain—pen name of Elbert Benjamine— author of all 210 Brotherhood of Light lessons, author of over a thousand magazine articles on astrology or occultism, and one of the three founders of the Church of Light, was born when the Sun was here. Krishnamurti, head of the Order of the Star in the East, who refused to pose as an avatar, and author of “At the Feet of the Master,” was born when the Moon was in this section of the sky. And Maria M. Benjamine, whose wifely sympathy and constant assistance contributed markedly to all the later work of C. C. Zain, and who worked vigorously and unselfishly to disseminate The Religion of the Stars, was born with this division of Sagittarius on the Ascendant. It is the decanate of ILLUMINATION.

C. C. Zain

Agrippa’s Description of the Decan:

A man like in colour to gold, or an idle man playing with a staff; and the signification of this is in following our own wills, and obstinacy in them, and in activeness for evil things, contentions, and horrible matters.

sagittarius-310 of Wands – Oppresion:

Cruel and overbearing force and energy, but applied only to material and selfish ends. Sometimes shows failure in a matter, and the opposition too strong to be controlled; arising from the person’s too great selfishness at the beginning. Ill-will, levity, lying, malice, slander, envy, obstinacy; swiftness in evil and deceit, if ill dignified. Also generosity, disinterestedness and self-sacrifice, when well dignified. … (Cruelty, malice, revenge, injustice).

Number: 10
Card Title: Ten of Wands
Esoteric Title: Lord of Oppression
Numerical Keywords: 10: Sensations, Completion, Consequences
Numerical Attributions: Elements, black citrine olive russet, Soul, Evil
Intelligence: Resplendent Intelligence
Element: Fire (hot, dry)
Elemental Keywords: Energy, Action, Inception
Elemental Attributions: South, Summer, Noon
Astrological Attribution: Saturn in Sagittarius
Dates & Timing: December 13 to December 20
Qabalistic World: Malkuth in Atziluth
Translation of World: The Kingdom of Nobility
Suit Color: Wands-Red

Keywords: Burden Lifted, Delegation, Opposition Strong, Have the talent and strenght to complete

Ill-Dignified:Delegation, Oppression, Difficulties, Rash, Uncompromising, Malice, Slander, overbearing.

Interpretation: Too many projects. Great effort and hard work are required. Must rise to the occasion and are able to.

Reversed Interpretation: Laying down burdens. Clearing debris for a new life. Delegating responsibility. Facing that you can’t do it. Sifting the burden. left holding the bag. Failure in matter. Opposition too strong.

Alan Leo: This will bring some impulsive attachments and cause the native to express emotion rather too impetuously. He should be guarded in his dealings with others, especially where the feelings are concerned, avoiding extremes, or excesses, and refraining from too much demonstration. This progressed ascendant is not good for those who are tempted to speculate, since it brings some tendency to gambling or unwise venturesomeness. If however the directions are very good, then much gain by speculation, or better still through judicious investment or enterprise, is denoted. In those who are very progressive the intuition of the heart will be awakened, and a philosophical and prophetic spirit will be the result of this influence. It will be accompanied by many remark¬able dreams, some of which will come true; also by a keen desire to make improvement in general affairs. To those who are naturally cautious and careful it will bring good fortune and success; but only when rashness and carelessness are avoided.

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