Horoscope Saturn in Aries

aries-saturnYour defense mechanism is directed toward self-defense and self-justification. The problems of living constitute to you a direct frontal attack of the world on your own personality, and the vindication of this steals the show from concerns of material progress and security. In its worst form this makes for narrowness, self-centeredness, touchiness, up to and including delusions of persecution. All the forces of your nature unite to defend the ego, which imagines itself badly used and needful of the maximum protection. From this can arise an almost unbelievable capacity to misunderstand others and a sort of chip-on-the-shoulder attitude which defies others to understand you. Carried upward and onward and broadened into spheres of usefulness, this makes you deeply desirous of self-betterment, capable of long, arduous mental work by which you succeed in making yourself the sort of person who will not require defending, but whose genuine traits will be the best defense against the world’s attack. Not usually accompanied by introspection in any marked degree, this position, developed on its best side, makes you an aware, alert, profound personality. You eliminate the need for defending yourself by becoming an effective person when you have learned what every good general knows: that the best defense is an attack – and when you have marshaled your forces to attack life, instead of following your natural inclination to draw them around in a bristling ring of defiance.

Grant Lewi

Saturn-Aries: law-strength, heaviness, mountains, statics, veteran, father, worker, loading, blockade, suppression

You have difficulty asserting your will and desires directly and openly. You also may suppress your anger and aggressiveness. Developing self-confidence, courage, and faith in yourself are important tasks for you.

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