Horoscope Saturn in Gemini

gemini-saturnYou attack the world vigorously, finding your natural defense in a swift flanking movement in which, by speed and profundity, you justify your existence. This is one of the best positions for Saturn, sharpening and deepening your reaction to experience and giving you mastery of mind and therefore of life. You justify yourself actively and articulately, and work outward into the world in intellectual or physical endeavor. You are shrewd in business dealings and can be slick. You are likely to range far in your battle with life, which is a sort of intellectual guessing game that you are determined to win by force of superior intellect. You are rarely stalemated even by the most complicated of situations that you get yourself into, for you always have an “out” which is likely to be an “up” as well. Adaptability is your great strength; your notion of how to justify yourself is not limited, and you have few vocational inhibitions. This is also a weakness: you’re willing to try anything once. But you concentrate readily and can master many things in one lifetime. In its best manifestation, this is Goethe’s “universal man” to whom no doors were closed, or the ideal of Francis Bacon, who took all knowledge for his province. In its worst form it is a dilettante-but you generally will emerge even from this adventurous extreme with something to show for life.

Grant Lewi

Saturn-Gemini: law-intelllect, logic, philosophy, history, museum, school, experience, book, scholars, investigation

You doubt your own intelligence and mental capacities, and you may work very hard at studies in order to compensate for this. You are often overly serious and disinterested in light or superficial conversation. Spontaneous communication, social give-and-take, and making small talk are likely to be difficult for you.

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