Horoscope Saturn in Virgo

virgo-saturnThis position in its best form finds justification in work or service, is a bear for detail, and a tough drillmaster but no executive. You’re a stickler for rules and methods, and can fail to see the forest for the trees. This is a narrowing position and should not be taken as the hub of the life, though your tendency is to feel pretty well pleased with yourself if you are doing efficiently and accurately what is expected of you. You will work overtime to do what you have to do thoroughly, or to do added work that is in the direct line of duty. But you probably won’t work overtime on something that could broaden your scope unless some other indication in the chart is very impelling and very broad in effect. In its worst form, you complain about work, and may refuse to work at all; this occurs if your whole personality is shown to be passive or resentful, when Saturn in Virgo seems to make all the burdens of the world light on your shoulder for you to complain about. To do what’s expected of you carefully and gracefully, without allowing duty and detail to limit your viewpoint, is the way to justify yourself without hampering progress.

Grant Lewi

Saturn-Virgo: law-analysis, order, logic, rules, service, store, books, dust, history, details, measurement, result

You have a penchant for order and precision, and an almost compulsive attention to detail. You are often hypercritical and can be such a demanding perfectionist that you discourage yourself or others from even attempting something that won’t be done exactly the way you know it should be done.

You frequently over analyze or pick things apart mentally. You may be something of a hypochondriac also. You must learn that you do not have to rationally understand everything in order for it to be valid, and also to relax your unnecessarily high or strict standards.

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