Horoscope Scorpio 1st Decanate

scorpio-horoscope-1OPHIUCHUS – the man who wrestles with a serpent—is the constellation, picturing in the sky the sex-decanate of the sex – sign, Scorpio. He typifies the struggle of man with his animal desires. And even as in the Biblical story of Jacob wrestling with the angel—which is but one version of this starry struggle – he who is victorious is always greatly blessed. So we find people born under this decanate with the strongest sex impulses. There is an excess of creative energy which goads them to desire and action. They thus have an abundant vital magnetism, which they impart to others, giving a natural ability to heal. It also stimulates the mind to creative imagination. Therefore, when they turn from sensualism and direct their forces to constructive work they have a wonderful fertility of ideas, and are capable of leading the strenuous life at its maximum. Not through suppression can they overcome the serpent, but through the guidance of the surplus energy into proper channels.

The Sun was in this portion of the zodiac at the birth of the versatile and resourceful Theodore Roosevelt, who became president of the United States. Henry Steel Olcott, president-founder of the Theosophical Society, and a man of refined creative genius, was born with his Mentality here. And the most resourceful and prolific inventor of all times, Thos. A. Edison, was born with this part of the heavens on his Ascendant. It is the decanate of RESOURCEFULNESS.

C. C. Zain

Agrippa’s Description of the Decan:

A woman of good face and habit, and two men striking her; the operations of these are for comliness, beauty, and for strifes, treacheries, deceits, detractations, and perditions.

scorpio-15 of Cups – Loss in Pleasure:

Death, or end of pleasure: disappointment, sorrow and loss in those things from which pleasure is expected. Sadness, treachery, deceit; ill-will, detraction; charity and kindness ill requited; all kinds of anxieties and troubles from unsuspected and unexpected sources. … (Disappointment in love, marriage broken off, unkindness of a friend; loss of friendship).

Number: 5
Card Title: Five of Cups
Esoteric Title: Lord of Loss in Pleasure
Numerical Keywords: 5: Discipline, Clarification, Might
Numerical Attributions: Mars, Red, World, North
Intelligence: Radical Intelligence
Element: Water (cold, wet)
Elemental Keywords: Love, Container, Emotions
Elemental Attributions: West, Fall, Twilight
Astrological Attribution: Mars in Scorpio
Dates & Timing: October 12 to November 1
Qabalistic World: Geburah in Briah
Translation of World: The Severity of Creation

Suit Color: Cups – Blue

Keywords: Disappointment, Sorrow, Obsession, Remorse, emotional regret

Ill-Dignified: Return of Hope, Recovery, Acceptance, Accept Past, Self-Sufficient

Interpretation: Contracted painful heart, Sorrow and loss in areas where pleasure was expected. Death or end of pleasure. Need to let go of the past. Loss of Friendship. Be glad for what you have.

Reversed Interpretation: Return of old friend or loved one. Having the courage to overcome problems. Try not to fall back into despair.

Alan Leo: This is a very pronounced and decided influence, and its effect upon the native’s life will be to awaken the latent possibilities of his nature. He will be more determined, and will become very firm in his decisions, and may through fixity of purpose carry his ambitions to a successful issue; but there is a dangerous side to this progression of the horoscope. For with the feeling of firmness that will accompany it he will gain some knowledge of his own inherent power, and this will arouse any pride or dignity that may be latent in the nature. He will also experience feelings of jealousy, and will be inclined to sarcastic and caustic utterances when vexed or offended, for the gentler side of the nature Will be overlaid by this apparently coarser vibration i but it is the awakening of the real potency of the nature that will give rise to this change. If this manifestation does not occur then it will be a sign that he has not yet come under its influence. To the very progressive it will bring a strong occult tendency, and awaken a love of the mystical and mysterious side of things. The native will be more than usually secretive, and will experience in the decade that lies before him more than he has done for many years past.

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