Horoscope Scorpio 3rd Decanate

scorpio-horoscope-3Unlike the crown of spikes that pictures the last of Virgo, CORONA AUSTRALIS – the Southern Crown – is the laurel crown of victory. Picturing among the constellations the Cancer decanate of Scorpio, it reveals the potency of sex when sublimated to carry the soul to the loftiest summit of physical and mental achievement.

Adjacent to the religious sign Sagittarius, and under the sub-influences of the sign of domestic life, Cancer, those born here have intense emotions and vivid ideas. When the spirit of chivalry is developed and they sense their value to country and home they are capable of lofty effort. But for the greatest success it seems essential that they have some person of the opposite sex to stimulate their ambitions and ideals, and for whom they strive to make a success of life. Social life, therefore, is always, an important factor contributing to or detracting from their usefulness to society.

Franz Hartman, who wrote “Life of Paracelsus,” “Magic White and Black,” and achieved other success along occult lines, was born with the Sun in this decanate. Thomas Moore, whose social grace and patriotism were second only to his achievements as a poet, had his Mentality here. And the chivalrous Benjamin Disraeli, who became Prime Minister of England, was born with this part of the zodiac on his Ascendant. It is the decanate of ATTAINMENT.

C. C. Zain

Agrippa’s Description of the Decan:

A man bowed downward upon his knees, and a woman striking him with a staff, and it is the signification of drunkenness, fornication, wrath, violence, and strife.

scorpio-37 of Cups – Illusionary Success:

Possible victory, but neutralized by the supineness of the person: illusionary success, deception in the moment of apparent victory. Lying, error, promises unfulfilled. Drunkenness, wrath, vanity. Lust, fornication, violence against women, selfish dissipation, deception in love and friendship. Often success gained, but not followed up. … (Lying, promises unfulfilled; illusion, deception, error; slight success at outset, not retained).

Number: 7
Card Title: Seven of Cups
Esoteric Title: Lord of Illusory Success
Numerical Keywords: 7: Passion, Karma, Instinct
Numerical Attributions: Venus, Green, World, Above
Intelligence: Concealed or Occult Intelligence
Element: Water (cold, wet)
Elemental Keywords: Love, Container, Emotions
Elemental Attributions: West, Fall, Twilight
Astrological Attribution: Venus in Scorpio
Dates & Timing: November 13 to November 22
Qabalistic World: Netzach in Briah
Translation of World: The Victory of Creation
Suit Color: Cups – Blue

Keywords: Fantasy, Romantic Illusions, Rose-Colored Glasses, Too many choices, Confusion

Ill-Dignified:Decisiveness, A Realistic Attitude, Determination, Good Choice, A time for action

Interpretation: Need to harness creative energy to focus on goals. Emotional identification with many area of interest. Many goals are a waste of time. Deception in love or friendship

Reversed Interpretation: Willing to focus on one thing or one person; overcome confusion and inertia caused by ambivalence. Realistic attitude toward idealism and illusions. You should focus on what is essential and persevere in following through on your good ideas.

Alan Leo: This will bring some domestic experiences of a rather sad and sorrowful nature. It will bring deaths into the family circle and cause domestic changes of a troublesome type. It will incline the native to be sarcastic, and will cause him to be exceedingly receptive to psychic influences of all kinds i it is not a good period that it heralds, and will bring many very strange experiences into the life while it lasts. To those who are making great progress it will bring a very strong leaning towards the occult, and a love of all things mystical. To those who are in any way receptive to its vibrations it will cause romantic and peculiar attachments, though nothing very favourable will come out of them. It seems to indicate changes that are enforced rather than sought. It denotes a peculiar psychic and weird period when happenings of an unusual character are almost sure to eventuate. If the directions are evil it will be a very trying time, when affairs will tend to go wrong more or less i therefore the whole time should be one of care and caution.

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