Horoscope Taurus 1st Decanate

horoscope-taurusThe masters of olden times in tracing symbolic pictures in the sky, to convey to later generations their conception of the influence of the various sections of the heavens, sometimes pictured the highest attainment and sometimes pictured the greatest obstacle to progress. In LEPUS—the Hare—they symbolize the thought that timidity is the greatest bar to advancement of those born under the first decanate of Taurus. Being the first decanate of the sign naturally ruling the house of money, there is often a tendency to devote too much energy to the acquisition of wealth. And as this decanate is particularly mediumistic, those born under it easily acquire magical powers. Hence the various traditions regarding it as a place of black magic. Yet its children become adepts at white magic just as easily if they but overcome the lust for material things. It is only when they are blinded by physical aims that the place of the soul’s exaltation becomes an adverse symbol. Those born here have great natural healing power and ability to crystallize conditions to their desires by the power of the imagination to mold astral substance.

Ulysses S. Grant, whose fixity of purpose was his most remarkable trait, was born with his Individuality polarized in this decanate, the Sun being here. G.R.S.Mead, who edited The Theosophical Review and did an immense amount of laborious work to enlighten students, had his Mentality in this decanate, being the place of the Moon in his chart. And Jerome Cardan, who became famous as a mathematician and astrologer, had this decanate Rising at his birth. It is the decanate of DETERMINATION.

C. C. Zain

Agrippa’s Description of the Decan:

A naked man, an Archer, Harvester or Husbandman, and goeth forth to sow, plough, build, people, and divide the earth, according to the rules of Geometry.

taurus-15 of Pentacles – Material Trouble:

Loss of money or position. Trouble about material things. Labour, toil, land cultivation; building, knowledge and acuteness of earthly things, poverty, carefulness, kindness; sometimes money regained after severe toil and labour. Unimaginative, harsh, stern, determined, obstinate.

Number: 5
Card Title: Five of Pentacles
Esoteric Title: Lord of Material Trouble
Numerical Keywords: 5: Discipline, Clarification, Might
Numerical Attributions: Mars, Red, World, North
Intelligence: Radical Intelligence
Element: Earth (cold, dry)
Elemental Keywords: Physical, Materiality, Worth
Elemental Attributions: North, Winter, Midnight
Astrological Attribution: Mercury in Taurus
Dates & Timing: April 21 to April 30
Qabalistic World: Geburah in Assiah
Translation of World: The Severity of the Material World
Suit Color: Pentacles – Green
Keywords: Worry, Insecurity, Strain, Emotional Crisis, Disorder, Difficulties, Unemployment, Lay-off, Money Troubles, Health Problems, Family Crisis.
Ill-Dignified: Carefulness, Revived Prosperity, Successful Budgeting

Interpretation: This is what the 9 & 10 of swords are worrying about. Out in the cold emotionally and physically. Period of simplicity, austerity and abstinence, and renunciation. Need to solve survival issues. There is a need to get personal and financial affairs in order.

Reversed Interpretation: Taking responsibility. need to maintain a sense of optimism. Avoid poverty mentality. New interest in spiritual matters.

Alan Leo: The influence of this sign coming into the life will bring a firmer, determined tendency into the nature. The native will be practical in his aims and methods, and at the same time somewhat disposed to be dogmatic in his opinions. He will be interested in money-matters and financial affairs will come prominently into his life, so that if he engages his mind in such matters he will bring increased perseverance and sound method to bear on his natural activity, resulting in increased prosperity. The general tendency will be to awaken in the native a spirit of greater obedience; that is, if he is really progressing: but if not, then a far more obstinate and stubborn nature will be manifested. To cultivate this obedient spirit he should endeavour to bring out the true attribute of this sign, which is a silent, persistent, calm recognition of the power of the internal will within, which can command because there is latent the power to obey. This may be realised by anyone who will dwell upon the saying of the Teacher, “Whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant.”

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