Horoscope Taurus 2nd Decanate

horoscope-taurus-2In the second decanate of Taurus the fixity of purpose is given the analytical trend through the sub-influence being that of Virgo. Therefore, some condition in the environment is attacked and made the center upon which the physical and mental forces are focused. The result is a conflict. And this conflict may be to attain fame through literary or artistic production, to attain financial supremacy through business methods, or to rise in the field of science or politics. Thus it brings a combat for supremacy.

This thought is pictured by ORION, the most successful of all hunters, who attacked and slew the mighty bull. The bull represents material pleasures and physical limitations over which it is possible for those born under this decanate to rise supreme. They have at their command an unusual supply of electromagnetism, and can mentally attack with a force as great as the huge club wielded by the mighty arm of Orion. Thus they cause obstacles to crumble.

Thomas H. Huxley, whose work as a scientist was so painstaking and brought him so much opposition, was born with the Sun in this decanate. The Rt. Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, whose political life was spent in the struggle to gain greater freedom for the people, had his Mentality here. And another, who strove with armies, George Washington, founder of the U.S. of America, was born with his Personality in this section of Taurus. It is the decanate of STRUGGLE.

C. C. Zain

Agrippa’s Description of the Decan:

A naked man, holding in his hand a key; it giveth power, nobility, and dominion over people.

taurus-26 of Pentacles – Material Success:

Success and gain in material undertakings. Power, influence, rank, nobility, rule over the people. Fortunate, successful, liberal and just. If ill dignified, may be purse-proud, insolent from excess, or prodigal.

Number: 6
Card Title: Six of Pentacles
Esoteric Title: Lord of Material Success
Numerical Keywords: 6: Harmony, Pleasure, Perfection
Numerical Attributions: Sun, Yellow, World, East
Intelligence: Mediating Intelligence
Element: Earth (cold, dry)
Elemental Keywords: Physical, Materiality, Worth
Elemental Attributions: North, Winter, Midnight
Astrological Attribution: Moon in Taurus
Dates & Timing: May 1 to May 10
Qabalistic World: Tipareth in Assiah
Translation of World: The Beauty of the Material World
Suit Color: Pentacles – Green

Keywords: Benefactor, Giving and Receiving, Good Karma with Money, Charity, Gifts, Grant of Money

Ill-Dignified: Repay, Jealousy, Miserliness, Time to Payback Loans, Gifts are really Bribes, Strings attached.

Interpretation: Good karma in the form of a gift, bonus, grant, insurance payment. Money above living expenses. The power of the universe to provide for us in magical ways for our financial needs.

Reversed Interpretation: Situation or relationship is out of balance. One person is dominate or one person gives too much and the other takes too much. Learn to set boundaries.

Alan Leo: This will bring a discriminative and critical frame of mind, and cause the native to be not only intuitive but intellectually perceptive as well. It will bring more practical ability either for business or profession, special work or general industries, and he will have experiences in connection with sickness and nursing, or with regard to health matters. He will probably take an enquiring interest in the laws of hygiene, or become interested in food reform, or the general welfare of the physical body. The nervous system will undergo some change, matters wherein the mind will be more active than heretofore will now engage the attention, and if he can respond to the new conditions of this decanate it will benefit him in many ways. If he wishes to investigate occult and mystical things he has a good opportunity to do so, for this decanate of Taurus will enable him to study the psychic side of things from an intellectual standpoint. But the best attribute of this decanate is the solid and practical yet discriminative tendency which it gives, together with the ability to criticise and analyse alI things-including oneself.

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