Horoscope Taurus 3rd Decanate

horoscope-taurus-3The third decanate of Taurus shows the reflective influence of Saturn, its sub-ruler. And even as the key-phrase of Capricorn is “I Use,” so those born under this decanate have the ability to use physical means to attain spiritual ends. The decanate is pictured in the sky by AURIGA, the charioteer, who with one hand guides the chariot of his soul and with the other protects and ministers unto the weak and needy. Auriga pictures the one who has triumphed over his environment and physical limitations and attained adeptship. Those born under this decanate have an aptitude for true spiritual attainment. And while the progress usually is not swift; yet, once undertaken, it becomes a sure and steady climb with seldom setbacks. What they receive, however, largely depends upon the use they make of the power they already possess in ministering unto the ills of others.

Elizabeth D. Benjamine, who labored so successfully as a teacher of Brotherhood of Light classes for 23 years, and was one of the three founders of The Church of Light, was born with her Individuality in this decanate. Fred H. Skinner, who labored successfully as a teacher of Brotherhood of Light classes for 21 years, and was one of the three founders of The Church of Light, was born with his Mentality in this section of the heavens. And Immanuel Kant, whose works on transcendental philosophy have not been surpassed, was born with his Personality here. It is the decanate of MASTERSHIP.

C. C. Zain

Agrippa’s Description of the Decan:

A man in whose hand is a Serpent, and a dart, and is the image of necessity and profit, and also of misery & slavery.

taurus-37 of Pentacles – Success unfulfilled:

Promises of success unfulfilled. Loss of apparently promising fortune. Hopes deceived and crushed. Disappointment, misery, slavery, necessity and baseness. A cultivator of land, and yet a loser thereby. Sometimes it denotes slight and isolated gains with no fruits resulting therefrom, and of no further account, though seeming to promise well.

Number: 7
Card Title: Seven of Pentacles
Esoteric Title: Lord of Success Unfulfilled
Numerical Keywords: 7:Brilliant, Zeal, Passion
Numerical Attributions: Venus, Green, World, Above
Intelligence: Concealed or Occult Intelligence
Element: Earth (cold, dry)
Elemental Keywords: Physical, Materiality, Worth
Elemental Attributions: North, Winter, Midnight
Astrological Attribution: Saturn in Taurus
Dates & Timing: May 11 to May 20
Qabalistic World: Netzach in Assiah
Translation of World: The Victory of the Material World
Suit Color: Pentacles – Green

Keywords: Fruits of Labor, Disappointment, Reevaluation, misery, slavery, necessity, disappointment.

Ill-Dignified:Bad investment, Expense, Anxiety, Impatience, Unprofitable enterprise.

Interpretation: Unexpected money or job. Evaluation of efforts thus far. Avoid stale plateau in career. Delay but with growth. Reassess and revaluate your progress to decide if you still need to to it. Is it worth it or not? Hoes decreased and crushed. Unprofitable employment. Little gain for the amount of work.

Reversed Interpretation: Maybe feeling careless and unmotivated. Contemplating bad investments. Little gain from too much work. Unexpected shakeup at work. Unsatisfying jobs or commitments. Trapped feeling.

Alan Leo: This will awaken some ambition, and stimulate the plodding tendency of Taurus into a more persevering, thrifty, prudent and industrious expression. The native will have opportunities to hold more responsible positions in life, and to rise into a higher state wherein some recognition and honour will be acquired. All matters relating to profession or general pursuits in life will come to the fore; and if the “root of merit” is well established he may rise to a very high position, or at all events to a much higher sphere in life than that into which he was born. To those who are really progressive this decanate brings a much more steady and thoughtful frame of mind, and a desire for chastity, purity and the acquisition of the physical virtues. It marks the commencement of these latter, as described by the blending of the earthy signs, denoting the first step from the mundane and material order of things to the higher and more subjective condition. This is attained by raising the thought atmosphere to a higher standard through a more purified form of physical life, so that the higher and finer vibrations may be felt; and this is frequently brought about by the occult sense of clairaudience, which is sometimes awakened through latent musical ability.

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