Horoscope Uranus in Aquarius

aquarius-uranusYou know instinctively that your individual genius requires a mass expression, that there is no personal freedom for anyone till everyone is free, and that no individual can be happier than the sum total of his society is happy. You are the lamplighters of the new birth of freedom in the hour of the world’s darkness. In the depths of your spirits you know that there is no individualism, no personal genius, no true expression possible to any one human being till all of mankind has found the level at which it can live securely together. This is the great message of the Aquarian age of which you and those of your generation are the acolytes.

Grant Lewi

Uranus-Aquarius: freedom, news, unexpected, revolution, anarchy, progress, electricity, machine, accident, rhythmics

You are part of a 7 year group of people who are very bright and inventive, and contribute much to the sciences. Your age group advances technology at an even greater rate than previous generations, and you develop extremely large facilities for furthering research and development of new technologies. Increased cooperation and communication throughout the world assists you in this progress, for most of the development is made possible by large-scale cooperation rather than single individuals. Concern with barriers between governments and between members of industry (e.g. labor versus management) is very important to your age group, and tremendous effort is put into improving the relationships between these various bodies of people.

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