Horoscope Uranus in Aries

aries-uranusUranus in Aries causes you to express your genius directly and openly to the world. You have around you a cheerful forthrightness that can make for great honesty, simplicity and charm. You are protected from sensitiveness by having a good solid sense of your own worth and a willingness to believe that other people accept you for what you are. You can be blunt and tactless, and you have to look out that independence of spirit does not make you a lone wolf. Mentally, you are quick, apt, facile, able to grasp mechanical details readily and to apply them practically. You are aggressive and are rarely afraid to think your own thoughts or to express them. You care a great deal about “being understood” and will go out of your way to explain yourself if you think you are being misinterpreted. You love action, both physical and mental, and are rarely found idle. Laziness is not for you; your mind at least is always working, no matter what your body may be doing. Concentration is the thing you have to learn in order to put your pioneering intellect to best use.

Grant Lewi

Uranus-Aries: freedom-strength, disaster, revolution, danger, accident, operation, industry, machine, electricity, flash

You are part of a 7 year group of people who are highly independent, self-reliant, self-willed, and rebellious. You are a rowdy bunch and your generation broke many time-honored traditions and customs. Your age group pioneered many new ideas that remained fashionable for many years; for example, rock ‘n’ roll was introduced by people of your age group.

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