Horoscope Uranus in Scorpio

scorpio-uranusUranus in Scorpio causes your genius to work through deep wells of the subconscious and makes for tremendous power for good or bad. You are angel or devil – or, at different times, both. Your personal magnetism is powerful, and you seek for your originality personal tribute from the world or from individuals. You can be content with the worship (or fear) of a small circle and can, because of this, be capable of limiting the scope of your great powers. Love, or sex, is important to you; you rule others if you control yourself, and if you don’t, you are the slave to others, or to your own instincts, which are very powerful. You are capable of gratifying your need for power by identifying yourself with machinery, and are often successful in mechanical or engineering fields, where you are able to feel your own strength in the strength of the machine you make or operate. You love speed and feel at home when moving swiftly. If self-controlled, you are a powerful executive requiring absolute military obedience. Your deep need for self control is manifest in your worship of method, system, efficiency and obedience. You should learn the law of obedience in the abstract, allow your great magnetism to express itself freely without mastering you, and thus have the world at your feet.

Grant Lewi

Uranus-Scorpio: freedom-depth, revolution, breakthrough, transformation, expedition, accident danger, nuclear physics, recycling

You are part of a 7 year group of people who break up all manner of taboos regarding death, sex, and any other personal, private, or difficult topics. Your age group is less modest about sex than other age groups and promiscuity is not uncommon. You love emotional intensity, and there are many extremists and fanatics in your age group.

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