Horoscope Venus in Aquarius


Your emotional responses are frank and heartfelt, even when they are directed toward generalizations and groups, as they often are, or toward art in some form. Your emotions serve your aesthetic sense; you are capable of a detached and spiritual form of personal love which you relate to beauty rather than to passion. You worship beauty concretely and in the abstract; and can want nothing more than to look upon the beautiful face of your beloved (who must have a beautiful face) or upon a beautiful body, which you want to do without fear of being betrayed or thought immodest. You are sensuous, but not sensual; your emotions feed on the stimuli of eye, ear and the olfactory senses; less on touch. You belong to the perpetually pure of heart, and because of this your emotional responses to individuals are high-minded and beautiful in the extreme, and can be transmuted into the pure gold of universalized love by the alchemy of your spiritual strength.

Grant Lewi

Venus-Aquarius: love-freedom, free love, free art, emancipation, rebel, gypsy life, hippie, adventure, music, dance

You are open and unconventional in your attitude towards love, romance, and sex. You enjoy socializing, bringing people together, and having many friends of both sexes. You value friendship very highly and are, in fact, more comfortable being a friend than a lover. You desire an intellectual rapport or spiritual bond with your love partner, but deep intimacy and emotional bonding do not come easily to you. The role of “husband” or “wife” in the traditional sense doesn’t appeal to you, and you abhor jealousy and possessiveness since you feel that no person truly “belongs” to another. You appreciate a love partner who will allow you plenty of freedom and is not very emotionally demanding.

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