Horoscope Venus in Leo


You dramatize emotional experience to the hilt. Your emotional responses are both honest and calculated. They aren’t spontaneous, but they aren’t hypocritical. They are geared to serve your total personality and to insure that they will make the right effect. You know how you look when you’re kissing or being kissed; and you’re clever enough to avoid the appearance of posing. You are something of an introvert; love is yours to give or withhold, according to your wishes. If your desires are strong, it is due to some other position in the horoscope, because Venus in Leo, considered as a unit, enables you to shut desire on or off at will. When on, it can be a wow; when off, cold as ice and unapproachable. No one with Venus in Leo ever was talked into anything. In emotions, you do all the talking, and the only plea you hear is your own. This position is wonderful if you’re on the stage and tends to make a stage of your life even if the theater isn’t your profession.

Grant Lewi

Venus-Leo: love-beauty-forming, art, luxury, villa, park, tree, fruit, company chief, feast, concert, gift, wages

Warmhearted and generous in love, you cannot tolerate pettiness or stinginess in your partner. You want a Hero, a Prince or Princess to idolize and adore, someone you wholeheartedly admire and can be proud of. You are tremendously loyal and devoted once you give your heart to someone.

You crave love, appreciation, and attention from others and hate to be ignored. You are rather susceptible to flattery and love to feel SPECIAL. You enjoy some drama and color in your love life and grand romantic gestures or an extravagant expression of generosity impresses you.

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