Horoscope Venus in Libra


Your emotions are simple, direct, crystal clear. You are one of the young and pure in heart. The difficulties of life don’t destroy your faith in the beauty of love, and since this is the sort of faith that vindicates itself, you are likely to find more genuine happiness in life than most. You are easily hurt, but you aren’t touchy about it; you can’t hold a grudge, or even condemn those who hurt you. You have a knack for thinking the best of people who repay you by thinking the best of you. The directness of your response to social relations, the genuineness of your affections, which you express with a combination of sincerity and impersonality – these endear you to many, make you a sought-after companion and guest and a charming host or hostess. You can safely allow emotional experience to be the breath of your life because when it is filtered through your clarifying responses it is a pure, sweet and exhilarating air.

Grant Lewi

Venus-Libra: love, harmony, art, beauty, villa, ornament, parlor lady, muse, entertainment, talk, clothing, pigeon, lily

You possess the gifts of tact, courtesy, consideration, and a strong desire to please and understand your love partner. Because you value harmony so much, you will compromise a great deal to avoid any discord or conflict. You do not like to dwell on controversial or emotionally difficult subjects, and often try to “smooth things over” or “sweep them under the rug”.

In love, you want an intellectual peer, an equal, and a friend. You are attracted to people who have a certain finesse, delicacy, and subtlety. You appreciate good manners and refinement and are not happy with a coarse, blunt type of person.

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