Horoscope Venus in Sagittarius


You react to emotional stimuli eagerly. Your heart is unafraid of love; you dare to feel, and to follow your instincts to the last outpost of experience. You are not an experimenter in love; you don’t trifle with your emotions; but others may, because your eagerness may be mistaken for lightness. You see no reason why emotions aren’t made to be followed, and are among the most impulsive of the children of Venus. Because of your sincerity you can get into trouble, until you learn that all the world isn’t as direct and earnest as you are. But though you may give yourself to unworthy takers and be hurt (for you are very sensitive), you will never lose your high standards nor your emotional courage, and will go on from disappointments undefeated to trust your emotions again, matured but unafraid.

Grant Lewi

Venus-Sagittarius: love-ideals, sympathy, joy, globetrotter, celebration, pleasure, society, commitment, hotel, travel

In love, you seek companionship and friendship with someone who is fun-loving, playful, and open to adventure and new experiences. You enjoy traveling together, meeting new people, making new friends. Honeymooning in a distant place appeals to you, and you are also attracted to foreigners or someone with a totally different background than yourself. You support your partner in taking risks and making positive changes, rather than preserving the status quo. You also very much want a partner who will encourage your own aspirations and dreams. It is very important to you that you have a spiritual or intellectual rapport with your love partner, perhaps more important than the emotional/physical relationship. You are not especially sentimental and your love partner may feel that you are too casual and not serious or romantic enough.

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