Horoscope Venus in Taurus


You have a robust, physical, sensuous (or sensual) response to emotional vibrations. You are demonstrative, affectionate and passionate. You love to touch, to hold and be held by, the loved one. You are both sensational and passional; to know the difference, and to let the true instinct replace the false one is to achieve mastery of yourself and of others. Plenty of love addicts have this position, to whom love means physical enjoyment and little more. Raised to its best, this position of Venus enables you to elevate physical earthly love to a high spiritual plane and to understand the beauty of true union in a union of true beauty. You understand love deeply, accept it with your whole being, are content to express it wordlessly, value love’s silences more than its speeches. You know both ecstasy and despair of love and you cling to a love once given and received with unbelievable tenacity, even in the face of great obstacles. You believe in love, in its earthly as well as its spiritual form, and will not be content till you have found both in one individual. Your emotional responses color your whole life; all sense reactions are intensified by this position, and your love of color, art, music and beauty in any form relates directly to the creative impulse which draws on, and interprets to you, all the experiences that earth has to offer.

Grant Lewi

In love, you are steadfast and loyal, especially if you have a warm, demonstrative partner. You are very sensually oriented and need lots of touching and physical affection. You enjoy being pampered with a good meal, loving massage, or other sensual delights. You are a wonderful lover, very attentive to the comfort and enjoyment of the one you love. You are tremendously responsive to beauty and physical appearances, and the physical attractiveness of your partner is very important to you.

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Venus-Taurus: love-form, safety, possession, land, field, money, securing, Aphrodite, jewelry, music, feast, fruit

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