Horoscope Virgo 2nd Decanate

virgo-horoscope-2The Saturn decanate of Virgo is pictured among the constellations by Hercules – the Hero – who, among other things, performed twelve superhuman labors. One foot crushes the head of the Cyclic Dragon, while his outstretched hand grasps the apples of Hesperides. This depicts the tendency of those born under this section of the sky to undertake and accomplish, by unremitting toil, the performance of gigantic tasks. They also have an exceptional variety of experiences, both with the so-called good and the so-called evil. Thus are their lives filled with events.

Here we find the assimilative powers of the mind, conferred by Virgo, to be given a diplomatic trend, and often there is a great desire for worldly fame and honor. The temptations that come to these people are great. But if they guard against the allurements of the flesh that sooner or later come into their lives, they can rise to great heights through their unusual powers of discernment and comparison.

Mabel Collins, who wrote “Light on the Path” and other occult works, and whose life has been varied in experience, was born with the Sun in this decanate. Camille Flammarion, the great French astronomer, who likewise is an authority on Psychic Research and a wide variety of other matters, had the Moon here at birth. And Chopin, the great composer, whose affair of the heart ended so disastrously, had this part of the heavens on the Ascendant at his birth. It is the decenate of EXPE RIENCE.

C. C. Zain

Agrippa’s Description of the Decan:

A black man cloathed with a skin, and a man having a bush of hair, holding a bag; they signifie gain, scraping together of wealth and covetousness.

virgo-29 of Pentacles – Material Gain:

Complete realization of material gain, good, riches; inheritance; covetous; treasuring of goods; and sometimes theft and knavery.

Number: 9
Card Title: Nine of Pentacles
Esoteric Title: Lord of Material Gain
Numerical Keywords: 9: Fruition, Cycles, Results
Numerical Attributions: Moon, Violet, World, West
Intelligence: Purifying Intelligence
Element: Earth (cold, dry)
Elemental Keywords: Physical, Materiality, Worth
Elemental Attributions: North, Winter, Midnight
Astrological Attribution: Venus in Virgo
Dates & Timing: September 2 to September 11
Qabalistic World: Yesod in Assiah
Translation of World: The Foundation of the Material World
Suit Color: Pentacles – Green

Keywords: Inheritance, Big increase in money, Complete material gain, Increase in Goods

Ill-Dignified: Theft, Knavery, Covetous, Materialistic

Interpretation: Prompt fulfillment of surrounding cards,. Good life, Good Luck, Good Management, compromise for comfort. Solitary search for wisdom.

Reversed Interpretation: Golden Handcuffs, Upset to harmony of home or office. May need to sell house or move offices. Beware of thieves and legal entanglement.

Alan Leo: This will awaken the native’s ambitions and cause him to be more persevering and anxious to rise in life and gain some recognition; and he will obtain some honour, or have some responsibility placed upon him. It denotes a period in which he will have opportunities to rise in life, or to gain advantages through perseverance and anxious endeavour. He will gain diplomacy and tact either through business pursuits, work and employment, or through daily contact with others. To those who are very progressive it brings the opportunity to serve, and through service to gain honourable success: to those so placed it will bring wealth, honours, and some public recognition. A great improvement in the affairs of life is often brought about through personal merit; but to the majority it means very little, simply the opportunity to gain advancement with some promotion, and a certain amount of success in achievement: to all, however, it brings a more steady and enduring time, when stability of character and persevering tendencies improve the general conditions.

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