Horoscope Mars in Aries


Your usually abundant energies are directed primarily along lines of ego assertion. You feel best, act best when you are not limited or restricted by elders, superiors, authority of any kind. You are swift to anger at any intrusion on your personal rights; you are quick on the trigger – the adrenal gland, controlling fight and/or flight is sensitive, reacting sharply and generally on the aggressive side. You are a formidable adversary, for all your vitality is brought at once to bear on anyone who challenges your pre-eminence. Even in the chart of an otherwise timid soul, this will lend scrappiness to the nature. If your life aim is more detached, if you are ambitious for worldly success, popularity, or any of the things that require self-control, your Mars will periodically trip you by directing your energies toward self-assertion at times when you ought to be thinking of something else. The abrupt, aggressive speech, the sharp retort when your independence is assailed (or when you imagine it to be), can stand between you and the rewards of self-control. To serve the deeper ends of life that frequently require forgetfulness of self, you must continuously stand guard over the tendency of your energies to flow through the millrace of the ego into strife and disharmony.

Grant Lewi

You have a warrior’s attitude – decisive, courageous, and bold. You tend to always want to DO something, even when waiting for an appropriate time or not doing something (simply letting things alone to resolve themselves) would actually be more efficient and effective. You absolutely cannot tolerate being passive or even patient about getting what you want. You feel that it is up to you to take the initiative and you go after your goal or desire very aggressively.

You are also self-reliant, do not depend on others to do things for you or help you along, and you are often irritated when other people offer advice or direction. Cooperation rarely comes easily to you. You are willful and can be quite oblivious to others’ desires or feelings when you are pursuing something you want. You are highly competitive, enjoy a challenge or a good fight, and may be downright pugnacious at times. Abounding in energy and enthusiasm at the start of a new venture, you need a very positive response and encouragement to sustain your interest in it. If a project isn’t successful rather quickly, you are apt to drop it and move on to something else, rather than rework or refine it. The desire to blaze a trail, to do things in a new way – YOUR way – is very strong in you. You can discover, invent, and initiate new things, but are impatient and may lack the stamina and perseverance needed to complete a long-term project.

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