Jupiter Conjunct Ascendant in Medical Astrology

or Jupiter in 1st House

You love life and see it as an adventure. You are usually optimistic, have a positive attitude and enjoy living life to the full. You may be prone to over indulgence in all manner things, including food and drink. Many people with Jupiter placed here, are big-boned, very tall or have a large-framed body and can gain weight easily. Watch your sugar and fat intake and check that you have no metabolic problems that might lead to obesity or diabetes. Try to eat sensibly. Try smaller portions if you are trying to lose weight and don’t go overboard with indulgent activities. Sometimes you lack self-discipline.

You are usually confident, outgoing and extravert in your manner of expression but on occasion you can be lazy and over-confident, thinking that nothing can ever go wrong. You will probably have your fair share of good luck and opportunities. Make them work for you and try not to waste your good fortune. Include plenty of B-group vitamins in your diet, especially B6. Supplements of the minerals Manganese and Zinc can also be beneficial to your system. Liver cleansing now and then can be of tremendous benefit to your system; try dandelion tea.

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