Jupiter in the 6th in Medical Astrology

or Ruler of 6th House is Jupiter

Stress can manifest when you feel restricted or limited by circumstances. You probably do not enjoy working in an office and may prefer to work outdoors, or to travel as part of your job. You are generally enthusiastic about your work in these circumstances and are always on the lookout for fresh opportunities. When you are not enjoying your work, you can easily feel despondent or trapped, which can lead to stress and health problems. It is therefore important for you to enjoy your work and to take regular breaks or holidays.

Most long-term risks to your health come from the cumulative effects of over indulgence. You have a great deal of energy in reserve, but are often so enthusiastic about what you are doing that you sometimes overlook practical concerns such as any actual physical limitations. Do not overload your system with fatty, sugary, or salty food and try to keep intake of alcohol to low or moderate levels. Most of the health problems that you are likely to have, probably stem from your own actions, or inactions. Sometimes you can be lazy too. Moderation is something you might need to learn. For you, stress and health problems can manifest as liver and metabolic problems, skin conditions, or possible accidents. Other areas to watch include: thighs, hips, lower back, sciatic nerve and muscular system, but generally you recover quickly.

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