Leo Sun Gemini Rising


Here are some “icing on the cake” congenial people with warm, sunny dispositions. They’re unassuming and accommodating but well aware of what needs to be done and ready to give intelligent instruction. These people pour on the Gemini chatty-faced charm to get the attention they prefer to satiate their sunny Leo ego. They’re masterful at putting others at ease by showing an interest in them. These Leos have a naturally inquisitive, spry, flit-around demeanor that’s very entertaining—a pure joy to behold. They move gracefully from person to person at parties and conventions, and their voice itself might be distinctive, whether through a leisurely southern drawl or a willy-nilly, thinly-toned prattle. In fact, they might make their living with a microphone, whether at a radio station or a dispatch office. They’re naturals at ventriloquism, comic monologues, and college auditorium lectures, though other sorts of career choices can be just as rewarding, including physical training, writing, and package and mail delivery. These Leos might even drive a school bus—and love every minute of it! Going here and there and being with children are two of their favorite things to do.

The level of success they achieve will be defined by the level of their awareness of self and circumstance. If they see themselves objectively, they’ll live a happy life and make a substantial contribution. [..] Leos with Gemini rising just need to avoid being labeled shallow or scatterbrained. Their Leo mastery, coupled with their Gemini glibness, gives them the best of both worlds.

Read more in the Book The Secrets of Your Rising Sign: The Astrological Key to Getting What You Want by William Lamb, Webb Harris Jr

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Sheryl Ann 18-08-2015, 03:43

If Female Leo with Gemini Rising gets together romantically with Male born Feb 8th (Aquarius) can you tell me what the compatibility would be please.

Georgia Francis 12-09-2015, 22:50

I would think pretty good since leo and aqua are opposed, bcoz when two opposite signs are say, both female, they will naturally repel one another (unless one or both ladies has her moon in that sign, which cancels it out) but when they’re male/female they attract! Also Gemini trines Aquarius which adds harmony. You’ll need to check out your mutual moon signs, Mars/Venus action and compare them also for deeper, long term and sexual compatibility tho…;)


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