Leo Sun Libra Rising


Talk about impressive! These are some people-pleasing winners! Polite Libra makes these Leos extra willing to share themselves and be considerate of others. And they’re wonderful to their closest friends and loved ones. They’ll do anything to keep people happy and entertained. Their mid-morning birth gives them a friendly magnetism, and their Likable Libra personality delivers a lifetime of powerfully successful associations; and if they play their cards right they’ll reap a fruitful harvest of personal happiness and professional advantage.

Rewards are a given when these well-connected Leos stick to the goals they’ve set for themselves and embrace the opportunities that friends and colleagues provide, as well. They instinctively know that it’s neither necessary nor ultimately beneficial to unfairly use or manipulate people, and they’re masters at keeping everyone pleased by making fair decisions. They really love to be “all things to all people.” If they invest in people wisely and remember that “one hand washes the other,” their naturally demonstrative affections and obliging demeanor will earn them the good will they crave. These folks really want to be liked, so they give generously of themselves, and their recipients give right back. However, it behooves Leos born mid-morning to keep a handle on their Leo ego along the way It tends to inflate itself, and when these Leos get so proud of their conquests and achievements that they see nothing else, they’re liable to leave themselves a long line of disgruntled individuals who initially loved their style but eventually came to feel as though they weren’t treated well. Someone so adept at making friends is poorly served making enemies. But their fearless and determined sun sign is well served by behavior that demonstrates genuine concern.


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